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Sunday, November 30th, 2003

Time:8:24 pm.
<img src="http://www.boomspeed.com/nebula/wolfanim2.gif>
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

Time:8:19 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!! Or day after Turkey Day!

Yesterday, Mumsy, Dad, and I decorated the house with Christmas stuffs! Yay! Surprisingly, it was kinda fun. Usually, I hate doing stuff like that. We still hafta do the tree, but Mumsy says we might do it tonight. Dad and I were gonna put up the lights outside, but didn't get around to doing it. Procrastination...Like father, like daughter...yikes.

Anywho, last night, Ty and his kin came over to watch Finding Nemo. It was the first time I'd ever seen it. What a great flic! But scary! And sad! I would have been psychologically scarred as a child. But the animation! Wow! Gary was right when he said that Pixar came up with a whole new way to do water. Wow. Amazing.</p>

After the relatives left, Amy Conner came over with her parents (she brought her new bou too ^_^). Dad, Mumsy, and me checked out the new boyfriend. He didn't talk much at first. It took me about a half hour before I realized he was British...lol. His name was Bruce. When Amy's dad left, he loosened up some. He was nice, but I thought too flirty with Amy's friend Sarah. At the time, I thought Sarah was his sister! Yikes. Anywho, I got bored and played DDR for a while. Man, if I would ever practice on that thing...I could actually get good. My stupid memory card doesn't work. Dad and I gotta get a new one, but this means I have to redo all the song levels...suckalebutt.

Ooo! I finished Mrs. Birk's home page! That was one of the goals I did accomplish. It's all in frames, though. I don't think it looks have bad for me being a novice! Teehee! Long live the novices! Yay! I did it in purple, I only figured out after that she wanted blue and yellow...heh! She likes it though, I think...

I finished the The Last Wolf of Ireland last night. *looks up at previous para* Wow! I've done two things! HOLY CRAP! Mental Note:Tell Sasami to write that in her little book. The book wasn't all the great. But it was short and sweet. I needed it for AR. We have such crappy AR books...

Today, Dad and I went to Best Buy for the after Thanksgiving shopping thingy. The two games for $14.99 sale were out. I wanted to get Midnight Club and Spyro, but we did't get there in time. I was tempted to buy Warcraft package thing, but I didn't, since I have to save the dough for...something...I dunno. But I didn't get it. I need to find a good PC game...all the ones I've looked at aren't appealing. What I want is a fantasy game that I can design my own characters with. I haven't been able to find a good one yet. Sheesh. If anyone has any nominations, I'd be grateful! I saw Xenosaga for $9.99. Least, that's what the sign said. I had a guy scan it for me, it was actually $39.99. Hee!

The kin and I just finished It Runs in the Family. Not bad. Mom loves M. Douglas.

This is bad writing, I know. Oh, well. Self-expression. I might see if Mumsy wants to go decorate the tree. Toodles! Peace, love, and ketchup!

The One and Only, Lady of the Cheesey Poofs!
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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Time:7:06 pm.
Mood: blah.
Gah, I feel blah. I’ve really been bogged down with English. First we had to do a personal essay. I did mine over Medieval Times and my beloved Edwin. Of course then, we had to present it. Both were fun, but tiresome. I thought the essay was due on Monday. It ended up being due Friday. Blah. I had to get up at 5 just to finish it! And it was even due! That was crap. And now we have to write another essay, this time about Iraq! Wolfis getting sick of these political essays…We just finished some last week! Grr…

Another “bogger” is newspaper and webpage. I think I have really screwed the pooch. At the beginning of year, we had to decide which club we were going to be in. I really wanted…*break: Oooo, Colin Farrell on Conan O’Brien….-drools-* Anywho, what was a rambling about? Oh yeah, well, I really wanted to be on the web site staff. Last year, I had been on the newspaper staff. But this time, I really wanted to do web page. Mrs. Roush really wanted me on newspaper to help with formatting and crap, so we worked out that I would work on both. Mistake. I haven’t done good with either. I haven’t done hardly anything, and the stuff I did do is crap. Blah. I’ve had Mrs. Birk’s info for 3 weeks, and stillhaven’t come up with a layout. I’ve had no time! I really should be working on that…but Colin’s on! Can’t turn off my precious! Oh, I’ll do it later…I really need to get this Iraq essay written. Everyone pray for Wolf! Meh!

The One and Only Midnight Wolf (along with her many other titles….)

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:GRR GRR
Time:6:16 am.
Mood: aggravated.
GOD FORBID WE WOULD EVER HAVE A SCHOOL DELAY!!! Sheesh. Stupid Dr. Yager. Can the man not see outside his window? I know I can't! We haven't had one yet this year! Gah, I'm fed up. *goes to beat him with her pool noodle*
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Time:6:07 am.
Mood: lazy.
Edwin...*sighs dreamily*

Well, I would post more about that, except it's 6 in the morning. I just finished typing my personal essay, which I decided was going to be about the trip to Chicago.

Boy I haven't written in a long time...The majority of the thing sucks. My writing is awful, and it just sucks...Yes, sucks is the correct word. I've been such a procrastinor with my writing. If I would only do it more I think it'd get better, of course, I have no discipline to do that.

Anywho, I woke up at 5 to finish everything. Well, I got done at quarter till 6 and wasn't tired enough to go back to bed. Someone please pray for my writing! I'll post about Chicago and EDWIN! later. *yawns* Okay, I think Cora shall go back to her slumber now...

The One and Only Queen of the Cheesy Poofs
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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

Time:11:54 am.
Mood: amused.
Stolen From Sasami!! ^_^

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Sunday, October 12th, 2003

Time:5:48 pm.
Mood: chipper.

HAAAAALOOO!!! -clipboard dealy is bugging her- -moves it-
That’s better! What happened in Nebbie’s life today?! Well, really nothing much today…but I swear the days before today were really interesting! Really really. Anywho. This entry is in no particular order. Just random ideas from Nebbie’s memory. Throwin’ out there, throwin’ out! –makes hand gesture-

I went to Sasami’s b-day party of Friday! It was a blast. “POCKY, POCKY!” ^_^ I got her a fiberoptic rotating lamp thingy. It. Was. So. Groovy. I swear I looked at the purty lamp da whole time! It’s name is Pocky! And it has a breadstick for a friend. ^_^ I also got Sasami some “cheap illegal pocky,”: Pepero. ( I think that’s how it’s spelled!) It was so nummy! Except it left canker soars on the top of my mouth, and that wasn’t to say the least fun. Yesh. Well, anyway. Luitha and Shuu Shuu didn’t get any because THEY ARE NOT TAKING US TO MEDIEVAL TIMES WITH THEM!!! So Sasami and I had our revenge by not saving them any. ^_^ So sorry, dearies! Does anyone who was not at the party understand this? I think not…Perhaps I shall, “GO BACK TO DA BEGINNING!” ~Inigo The Princess Bride

Okies, on Friday, we had Al’s day. The day where we commemorate Albert Einstein and do a bunch of activities and blah, blah, blah…The day went fast. I had fun in my group with Lipstick, Shrimpling, and Kacie. Although I think they made us do too much work in too little time. We should have had golf carts to race around in all day…GOLF CARTS WERE SO NEEDED! (It was outside, if that hasn’t gotten across, yet.) Anywho. We watched the movie I. Q. in the morning. Ashleigh had forgotten to write her essay on the ISTEP+…Ooo, she was screwed. It took me the whole week to write that thing! She wrote hers in 20 minutes. I’m definitely seeing Extra Credit for English in her future…

The movie was alright. We split into groups we had signed up for the previous day. Shrimpling, Kacie, and Lipstick were all in my group. It was funsies! All except for when at lunch, the bees attacked me. No funsies there. Wysonga and I became the self-proclaimed “Stray Wrapper Nazi.” I swear, people need to pick up the messes…

I AM THE QUEEN OF CUPCAKE EATING!! I was able to scavenger 4 and ½ cupcakes at lunch. Of course Micaila and Kelsey raided my and stole one of them…-sniff- But I was full anyway. I had to pee the whole day…Really not sure why that was…

After lunch, we had to go around in our groups doing activity stations. We only had two hours to do 12 stations, and the stations took at least 15 minutes because they were all over the school grounds. Next year, I'm petitioning for bloody golf carts…-that reminds of something- SCENE OUT OF NEBBIE’S LIFE:

At a football game, people turn to face the flag to sing the nation anthem. They did not however, say on the PA “It is now time to sing the national anthem,” so Nebbie has no idea what is happening…

Nebbie (talking to lipstick): “AND THE BLOODY BRITISH!!”
Crowd: SHHHHHH!!!
Nebbie: Whoops…

That was embarrassing. Anyway. That has nothing to do with anything! But I thought I’d just that throw that in there. Hehe…Where was I?

Oh yes, so we had to do these activities. After running from place to place, we went to the computer lab to make a power pointy! It was supposed to be about an Albert Einstein quote. My partner, Kacie, beat me to the computer. –sighs- If only I could have gotten there first…I so wanted to play with the power point…but she did all the computer stuffs and I got stuck helping a computer illiterate. Ours was okay…but being the perfectionist that I am “good enough” is not good enough…I so wanted to make it better…-sighs- But that’s okay, because it wasn’t that bad.

After Al’s day, I came home to Mumsy. I had a feeling I was going to be late for Sasami’s party because I still needed to get the present. But Mumsy already knew that I wanted to get her a fiberoptic light and went out and got it before Nebbie got home! Dat was so sweet…But she forgot to get the pocky I wanted. So I bargained I would clean my room in order to go get it. When Sasami and I had been at the mall the previous Sunday, we had been at Suncoast and the Pocky there was $4 a box!! It was crazyness…in a bad way. ^_^ Anyway, we met this girl who told us we could get it for 50 cense at the Oriental Grocery. She said it wasn’t called Pocky, but it was the same d*** thing. ^_^ You can read Sasami’s JournalSo Mumsy and I made our trip. It was really cheap! It wasn’t called Pocky, but Pepero, Pocky, same thing. Hehe.

I WAS AT SASAMI’S ON TIME!!! –crowd gasps- Yes, that’s right, I was on time. And get this…I WAS THERE EARLY! I know…I know…

I got there at 5:15. Pretty amazing! Luitha and Shuu Shuu didn’t come till like 8, so Sasami and I had the house to ourselves.

AND I WILL UPDATE MORE LATER! Because Nebbie has to go. Yesh, I know. So sad. I will elaborate later. Plus I must go fix my background that doesn’t seem to want to work…I wonder if I deleted the image from boomspeed again…Cripes…Toodles!

~The One and Only Lone Wolf
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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003

Time:9:06 pm.
Mood: drained.

Hidey ho everyone! This should be a fairly long entry so, if you’re bored, read up!

I’m writing this on the way back from a wonderful vacation up at my grandpa’s. About two hours ago however, I was fuming and teetering on the edge of either crying or throwing something. Either one of those. Let me debrief.

Vacation was wonderful. I tubed, got a new game, and even managed to accomplish writing down some of my story ideas. Dad and I had a great time at the lake. I felt a little guilty that Mom had not been able to accompany us. While we were out swimming and dishing out the verbal swordplay at the Yuker tournaments, Mom was slaving over getting her facility ready for State. I have to say that even though I felt bad about Mom, it really didn’t affect our good time. Until a few hours ago. .

About a week before we left for vacation the parental guidance were trying to find a place where they could dump me for the weekend. Dad was going to his 25th High School Reunion and Mom was going out of town. Of course when they told me to try to get a place with a friend my immediate thought was Krystel. However, to my disappointment, I remembered that Krystel was at her dad’s house on the weekends. So it was arranged that I would spend the night with Megan and help her to babysat on Sunday night. I had a mindset that it was going to be a good time. I would get to spend some time with a good friend, and get a little cash doing it.

Then Saturday came. Mom informed me that morning that Krystel had called. Crap. It figured. The one time that the parents wanting me to stay at someone’s house, my best friend calls, but I’ve already made arrangements. That sucked. Not trying to diss Megan, but I see her all the time—she lives right down the street.

Although it wasn’t as disappointing as I felt it would be when I called Krystel back (she had just wanted to go to Jefferson Point) I was still miffed. Missed out on another outing. Cripe. This whole summer, I’ve been pretty much isolated from most of my adolescent friends. Especially Krystel and Emily. It seemed that every time they wanted to get together, I was busy. This was a killer. Even more so because they appeared to be spending more and more time alone together, while I wasn’t seeing either of them at all. Although I love both Krystel and Emily like sisters, I must say there was just ping of jealousy in me. Gah. I felt like as they were growing closer and closer together, I was drifting away from both of them. I felt bad. They’re my two closest friends, but still. I can’t help my emotions.

Since then, I’ve dismissed most of these feelings. I still am very busy contemplating finding ways to spend more time with both of them. When I moved schools, I was devastated at the thought of not seeing them regularly. Now the pain has eased. Given the chance, I don’t think I would have chosen not to move. I would have never met the friends I know now. But as the song goes, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.” Krystel and Emily are gold. There’s no one that could ever replace them. Perhaps it’s because they were my first friends, and I grew up with them. Emily and I have been great friends since first grade, and Krystel and I have been best friends since fourth. They’re two of the few people that I would be shattered if I would ever lose them. I guess I’m writing all this because I have lost some contact with the since the move. Thankfully, we still live close enough to have get-togethers. And that’s where my problem today came.

When I called Krystel, I was determined to see them before summer ended. We were going on vacation the day afterward, so I asked in advance. We wouldn’t be getting back till the 11th, so I asked both of them if they were busy that week. They said they didn’t think so. Apparently there was some miscommunication.

Dad and I decided to stay another day at the lake. Every night, we called Mom. Last night, we didn’t. We were going to call her this morning, but didn’t do that either. About two hours ago, she called Dad on his cell. Krystel had called. She informed me that Krystel had wanted to know what time to be at my house tonight. Shnikies. This was as the beginning of the conversation. Previously, Mom had asked Dad and I to stop at a shop called the Tourist Trap and get her a specific picture frame she had liked. Dad totally forgot. And to make matters worse…so did I. When I told Mom this she was as Krystel would say, “livid.” Great. So now I had two parties that were not happy with me. At least for Dad, he just had Mom to worry about. I however, now had to call Krystel and reschedule, which I couldn’t do with Mom on the warpath. Mom was mad and that affected her decision on the sleepover. Typical. One of the few times I have anyone over at my house, and I blew it. I knew Krystel was probably ticked, and I hadn’t talk to Mom about the sleepover. I was screwed and it was my fault. The whole morning I had been I bit concerned about them coming over to begin with. Like I said, I don’t host a whole lot of parties and that’s my own fault. I suppose it’s because I don’t like being worried about entertainment and pleasing people. Of course with Emily and Krystel it doesn’t really matter because we can make just about anything amusing. I’m used to solitude at my house and I know that my parents aren’t really keen on having to host my friends. But anywho.

Dad called Mom again and apologized. Mom had mellowed. Phew. So it was worked out that I could probably have them over on Friday. Great! Now I could call Krystel and work things out. Hmm, not as great I had hoped. First off, calling on my father’s cell phone isn’t generally a wise decision for a long chat. It breaks up easily, plus we were far away. When Krystel picked up, it wasn’t the “Hey!” I was hoping for. Maybe it was the static, but she didn’t seem to thrilled with me. I really didn’t talk with her enough to clear things up. I just briefly explained and asked about Friday. “Cora, I go to my Dad’s house.” Poop. I totally forgot. I always remember about her dad’s, but this time I forgot. I told her I’d get back with her. I still have to do that. Hopefully I can get Thursday.

Well writing this has been good for me. I’ve discovered that usually the only time I update my LJ is when I need to rant. This was one of those times. It’s get dark and late. We’re almost home, so I’m going to sign off.

Peace, Love, and Paperclips!!

.::Flaming Pretzel::.
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Time:6:31 pm.
Mood: giddy.


I did! I did! Yesterday started out pretty normal. Got up at like 7:20 and got ready for my computer class. I love the class, but it’s been almost two weeks of sitting in front of a screen for 3 hours at a time. And it’s the same time everyday, which, when ya hafta to get up at 7 in the morning during summer, kinda sucks. But it’s worth it! Right now, I’m working on animating my nija ducks. I think I’m going to name the crime boss duck Steve. Dad thinks I should name it Richard. Then, as I so eloquently put it, I could call him Dick the Duck…*just realizes something* Do you know if you put dick and f*** together you get Duck? Or is ti Fick? Hmm…deep thoughts…*elevator music plays*

Anywho, that’s how yesterday morning started. Afterward, Dad and I were planning on going to the Y like we usually do after my class, but it was such sunny day (I’d say a nice day, but I prefer overcast myself—great days to read) out, we figured we should make the best out of it. It was only 11:30 anyway, so we decided we go on one of our many cruises(that’d be cruising in the car, not a boat ^_^).

As we were pulling off the highway at our exit, Dad spotted this old couple standing on the side of the road with their thumb up trying to get a ride. While drove past, Dad asked if I thought we should pick them up. I said yes. They looked like a fairly innocent couple; an elderly man and his wife, and Dad was assured he could take ‘em if they tried anything. Probably something like beating them with a pool noodle…*rolls eyes* But anywho, we rounded, and got back on the highway. We pulled around to where they were and asked if they wanted a ride. The lady (Jan, I think her name was…*racks brain to remember*) put out her cigarette and asked if we were headed toward Goshen. We weren’t really, but we had planned to go on a cruise anyway we said, “Hop on in.”

At first, I was a bit suspicious when the lady get digging around in her bag. Yes, Dad could probably put up a half decent hand fight, however, I don’t think he’d be that good off with a knife or gun to his head. *gulps* But after a few minutes of them telling their situation, I relaxed a little. They were really interesting! Dad and I listened while the couple shared their road stories with us. Apparently, the hitchhiked whenever they couldn’t find a bus, which I guess was quite a bit because there aren’t too many bus services around anymore, at least to me. *shrugs* They were going to see Jan’s daughter in Illinois, was it? Dunno, somewhere around there.

We rode for about 45 minutes, talking about and listening to their stories. Dude, what an adventurous life! They’ve been like, everywhere! She grew up in New York, and the man, I think grew up in Iowa. Jan’s got three girls and he (can’t remember his name!!) has three boys. They’re like the Brady Bunch! ^_^ Dude, I’d love to live like that. Going wherever you want. Hitchhiking, going you wherever the road leads.
They had some good vintage tales. Great fun! Dad entertained us with some of his hitchhiking days. One in particular, was when he was a teen and it was below freezing outside, and he had black gloves and a black ski mask on. No one picked him up of course. ^_^

At Goshen, we dropped them off at a bus stop then decided to refresh ourselves at the gas station.
Got some popage and looked at a map. We were debating about were to go. Since we were all the way up in Goshen, we figured we might as well cruise around there. Wawasee Lake was now our destination. We cruise around there the whole day. It was great. There’s this little ski rental place there, so we decided if we ever went back we’d rent a jet ski for the day. What fun! Dude, I swear there’s like no radio stations around Goshen, all we got on the tube was country. No offense to country lovers, but that was the only genre of music.

Dad knew about this place called North Webster’s—an amusement park. Unfortunately, we found out that it had been torn down last winter. Around 4:30, we cruised on over to Chain O’ Lakes. We didn’t have swim suits, so we swam in our clothes. ^_^ LONG LIVE THE SPONTANIOUS ACTS!!

Mom wasn’t home when we got there, so Dad and I took off to the Y. Mom was coming down the street as we drove out of our addition. She informed me that I was to make spagetti tonight. My first ever meal! I am soooo domestically challenged…*sighs* I would make such a horrible housewife….*whimpers* I’M SORRY FUTURE HUSBAND!!

Holy shnikies, I did not realize how long and hard it is to cook. ‘Dogon two hours, it took me! Grr. Well, the meal wasn’t that bad, actually. Heh. I made a ton of it. I think we’re gonna be eating ‘sketti for a week…

OOOOO!! Guess what? I get to go to Cedar Point tomorrow! YAY!! ^_^ Allison’s taking me. Although, I’m kinda disappointed. Dad and I went to Cedar Point two weeks ago, and I hurt my back on the Magnum. It had been hurting before we went, but going on the Magnum really aggravated it. Being the rollercoaster guru that I am, it’s breaking my heart that the parental guidance have chosen to restrict me from all the jolty rides. *sighs* Those are the best! Magnum, Mean Streak…Gah! I still get to ride coasters like Millenium Force, but still. Oh, I also just found out that Allison has never been on a roller coaster before. Oh yeah, I’ll definatley be showin’ her the ropes!

Cora now gotta go pack for tomorrow. Watch, I’ll end up forgetting something. As soon as we drive into the park, I’m gonna be hyperventalating because I can’t find something. *sighs* Sometimes I really do wish I was organized…-___-

Signing Off!


We should live as though our life would be both long and short.
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Sunday, May 18th, 2003

Subject:~Wolves housed in cages which are far too small, are among the most pitiful of all caged animals~
Time:3:45 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Ha!! I’m stealing this from Krystel! I feel evil! MUAHAHA! Cheese. Hee.

x. I am: indescribable
x. I hurt: when I’m on PMS…or MS for that matter…ugh
x. I love: my two greatest friends in the world *glomps Krystel and Emily* (In the most unsexual way possible…)
x. My favorite word: MUCHACHAS!!
x. I want: oh, you don’t want to go there…new computer, DSL, CD burner, to go back to Concordia…
x. I hate: my procrastination (and boybands)
x. I cry: rarely, but when I do that means there’s something really wrong
x. I fear: the loss of my friends or people I care about
x. I hope: that I’ll have an interesting life (and a happy one)
x. I feel alone: when I think of Concordia
x. I waste: time, opportunities
x. I talk: quite a bit…even when people don’t want to listen to what I’m saying! ^_^
x. I break: promises to myself
x. I remember: summers at my grandma’s with Krystel and Tyler
x. I sleep with: constant ideas for various things nagging at me to write them down
x. I hide: my past
x. I drive: with mah dad around the parking lot!
x. I breathe: when Cora’s normal…so basically…never…
x. I miss: Sasami…and my friends at Concordia
x. I wish: I could go back in time and make better the mistakes I made
x. I feel: like some ice cream would be really nice about now…
x. I know: I WILL ACHIEVE MY GOALS! *dramatic stance*
x. I dream: ooo…let’s not go there…
x. I await: what everyone does…summer? Hello? Duh? Is anyone home? Sheesh…
x. I live: in my own world where you can’t come! Haha! It’s mine, all mine! All mine!!
x. I die: when I’ve fulfilled my purpose
x. I'm listening to: Real Folk Blues-Cowboy Bebop
-- Name: Lots of them, but call me Nebbie
-- birth date: 6/1 THAT’S RIGHT, NEBBIE WANT PRESENTS!!!
-- eye color: hazel when it’s not a gleaming scarlet red…
-- hair color: dirty blonde
-- righty or lefty: I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous…
-- zodiac sign: Gemini! XXXXX Go twins!
-- innie or outtie: Bothy?

// series two - describe...
-- your heritage: on my dad’s side: My…let’s see…I think it’s 4 greats…, yeah, so…my great, great, great, great grandfather was an admiral in the Irish navy, he married an English woman, was court marshaled, then moved to America. My mom…I don’t know.
-- your hair: Blonde, mid back, and is almost never down. LONG LIVE THE PONYTAILS!!
-- your weakness: black trenchcoats…
-- your fears: losing my friends, never getting married or having kids, wasting my life
-- your perfect pizza: Totino’s sausage...*drools*
-- one thing you'd like to achieve: being a master at web design

// series three - what is...
-- your most overused phrase on aim: Huh?
-- your thoughts first waking up: Timage? Calculating how much energy it would take to get from my bed to the toilet…
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Why does everyone say eyes? I’m mean, I have no problem against the eye thing, but come on, it’s always if they have sexy kneecaps or not…
-- your best physical features: I suppose my hair, but I never leave it down so it doesn’t matter anyway
-- your bedtime: *grumbles* 9:30…on the weekends…well, whenever I feel like it, which is usually pretty early
-- your greatest accomplishment: Being in the Living Cross..? I don’t know. I’ll have to accomplish one.
-- your most missed memory: my childhood—my life before I moved

// series four - you prefer...
-- Pepsi or coke: Mountain Dew
-- McDonalds or Burger king: Mountain Dew
-- single or group dates: Well, if we’re talking like friend outings, not boy/girl dates definitely groups. Love mah friends!
-- Adidas or Nike: Indoor soccer shoes!
-- Lipton iced tea or Nestea: Mountain Dew
-- Chocolate or vanilla: *looks around* Shoots the question asker. Idiot. Chocolate…duh.
-- cappuccino or coffee: Mountain Dew
-- boxers or briefs: Boxers…ah…freedom…

// series five - do you...
-- smoke: NEVER!
-- cuss: Err…
-- sing well: Umm…well…kinda? I don’t know.
-- take a shower everyday: I try, but it usually ends up being every other day.
-- Do you think you've been in love: Yesh.
-- want to go to college: Yeppers
-- like high school: No, I WANT TO KEEP MY CHILDHOOD!! *clings to it*
-- want to get married: -nods- but later in life, I want to travel first
-- type with your fingers on the right keys: Yeppers
-- believe in yourself: Yep!
-- get motion sickness: It’s the strangest thing…I can ride a million rollercoasters, but I get car sick whenever I read, draw, or write…
-- think you're attractive: *shrugs* Not really
-- think you're a health freak: Definitely not
-- like thunderstorms: YES!! NEBBIE LOVES STORMS!!
-- play an instrument: Yes, I wish I didn’t, curse the flute!!

// series six - did/have you...
-- drank alcohol: Momosas…yummy…
-- smoke(d): Never
-- done a drug: Mountain Dew count?
-- have sex: Never
-- go on a date: Never
-- go to the mall?: Dur…yes. *looks at all the fun collectable item stores!*
-- eaten an entire box of Oreos: On many occasions…
-- been on stage: Yes
-- been dumped: yes, in a way
-- gone skating: Yes! Oh I can so understand why people pay 8 dollars to fall on their butts on cold ice!
-- made homemade cookies: Krystel’s and a few other places, but I remember hers the best
-- gone skinny dipping: *evil grin*
-- dyed your hair: 16 is the magic number! Blue and silver, blue and silver!
-- stolen anything: Only cookies from the cookie jar…

// series seven - have you ever...
-- played a game that required removal of clothing?:Yes
-- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Mountain Dew incidents?
-- been caught "doing something": No sex for Nebbie
-- been called a tease?: No
-- gotten beaten up: No
-- shoplifted: No
-- if so, did you get caught: ...
-- changed who you were to fit in: Probably in a subconscious manner

// series eight - the future...
-- age you hope to be married: 25-30
-- Itinerary?: Finish school, travel some, work with computers, do some comic illustrations, get married, have kids…or whatever God wants
-- numbers and names of children: 2 or 3 guys (Bran and I don’t know the other names) and a girl (either Tianah or Krystel)
-- describe your dream wedding: with my best friends as my bride’s maids, lots of roses, it be cool, not hot…cake…
-- How do you want to die: knowing that my task here on earth is complete
-- where you want to go to college: somewhere with advanced computer technology
-- what country would you most like to visit: Japan!
{x} current clothes: Sport shorts, big shirt that everyone signed on the last day of 5th grade
{x} current mood: aggravated at Winmx slowness…
{x} current taste: chocolate ice cream ^_^
{x} current hair: Low ponytail that looks like crap…
{x} current annoyance: Winmx
{x} current smell: Nothing—Nebbie has a cold…
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: my homework and choreographing this music video thing we have to do for choir…*sighs*
{x} current desktop picture: Frodo splash image I made
{x} current favorite groups: Simple Plan, Good Charlotte
{x} current book: Excalibur…I really need to finish that…
{x} current dvd in player: Ocean’s Eleven
{x} current refreshment: Phlegm…Icky!!
{x} current worry: This music video on Tuesday..ugh…
{x} current crush: Keanu Reeves…
{x} current favorite celebrity: Tom Cruise (Minority Report all the way!!)
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Monday, May 5th, 2003

Time:4:34 pm.
Mood: bitchy.


Ashleigh came to mah school on Friday! *cringes* Teeny bopper…kept talking about how gay the school was and wondered why we weren’t allowed to eat during classes…grr…I had to babysit the whole dog gone time…

But enough of that! On to happy subjects!

I almost got called down to the guidance office for consoling. *sighs* Just because I used the colored pastels as war paint and drew a pyro angel instead of the pot we were suppose to be sketching, does not imply that I need a shrink…sheesh. Don’t know where they got the idea I could need help…rolls eyes…*curses Jordan for let the guidance consoler see the piccie*

I have to run the mile tomorrow! *crowd gasps* *Cora hides in fear* WE HATES IT, WE DOES!!…running…icky. *laughs* Talk about irony…I hate running, yet I love soccer…hmm…Maybe those Brits are right!

We have nasty Garbage Dump Week. The only redeeming thing about it is that on Friday we get to go to the dump. FUN!!!! But the rest of the week is filled with math and how to save the environment and…ALIAS!!

ALIAS!! ALIAS!! Cora likes it, she does! The season finale kinda sucked though, Sydny’s been gone for two years? I don’t think so. And ya know, I have a feeling my Sarkie Poo is gonna get dusted in the end…NO!! *hugs onto her British cute evil guy* *evil smile; can’t resist* And I quote! “You don’t…fancy him…do you?” LOL!! FANCY!! I like that word! Meww!

Until we meet again…*swishes her cape and disappears*

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003

Subject:Belief: The Question of the Ages
Time:7:29 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
Ya know what sucks? Cora just had this all typed up and was ready to save and post it when Cora’s computer froze.

*bangs head on the table*

Boy, for as much as Cora loves technology, it can be quite frustrating…

Okay, let’s see what Cora can salvage from her memory. *wracks her brain*

Well, like Cora already had typed, last night Cora was talking to Sasami. Cora wanted her to come over on the three-day weekend. Unfortunately, on Friday, Cora got drafted to a mutual friend’s party where she knew no one.

No one.

So alone…

No, not really. ^_^

Actually, Cora wouldn’t have minded finishing up The Blue Sword that night. She would have been content reading under Megan’s comfy blanket on her comfy couch eating her comfy Wheat Thins. *thinks about comfy Wheat Thins* *evil grin*

But that was not to be so.

You see, the girls that were there, bless their hearts, wanted Cora to partake in their activities. These were girls Cora had nothing against, just didn’t know too well. And a sleepover is really no where to meet new people. Ya know?

So even though Cora was really quite bored, tired, and on PMS, she stayed up till 2 o’clock doing a lot of nothing while the close friends talked. Nice people really. It just gets annoying when people are being nice to you because they have to. Thanks, but Cora does not want people she doesn’t know throwing her a pitty party. Grr.

Solitude is bliss. At times. Not all the time, but in this particular situation, Cora would have rather been left alone with her feminine hormones.

That was Friday!

Today is Tuesday! PMS is over in the cycle and guess what is now? That’s right! The actual MS! Isn’t everyone happy for Cora? Cora’s poor lower tummy has been hurting all day! Cora had to play soccer today…her favorite sport and she can’t even walk without pain. It sucked. Cora wanted to give her all! But she had a better game then she thought. Cora thought she was going to be no help, but actually, once she started playing, the pain didn’t matter. All that Cora could see was the soccer ball. Cora had a good game. She played her favorite sport and she played it well. Cora’s team won!

Cora’s friend Jordan was on her team. Love/hate relationship there. She’s currently consulting him with his love problems. *swears she should get a hotline* Jordan’s not bad! Cora had never seen him play before, but he good! He good!

The Evil Social Studies Test was here today. Cora hadn’t studied. The whole day people said it was hard. Cora skipped 1st period and lunch cramming facts into her brain. No one thought they had a good grade. Social Studies is Cora’s last period aside from P.E. Cora thinks she aced the test. *grins* She hopes she did, on account of that she spent 2 hours last night typing up a stupid study guide to “prove” she studied. Stupid Social Studies teacher. No wait, Cora changes that. *remembers* Cora likes her teach!

Cora just typed, didn’t know what she was typing, just typed. Pathetic and ridiculous. Anyone ever had that? Where ya don’t know what you typed cause you’re on Auto-pilot?

Okay, maybe no. Perhaps it’s just a Cora thing.

*smacks the radio for just now playing Air-Force One* Come on people…who sings about buying a pair of shoes? Yes, many probably do, and we love those people. But Cora’s talking about the ones who are serious…*shivers*

Crappy rap. You used to be original and unique. Now you’re nothing except sex, gangs, clubs, and cursing. And you rant about anti-war. What hypocrisy. Pathetic. No wonder people hate America.
On a more happy Cora note! Cora might be able to go to Concordia’s play on Friday! Yay! Cora gets to see Athena and Sasami! Joy! Nebbie can’t wait! *prays she’s able to get tickets*

Cora’s at her grandparents’ house now! No responsibilities for her! MUCHACHAS!! *eats all the good food she gets there* Nummy…

*coughs* Moving on…

She also hopes to have Sasami over. She wanted to have her over last Friday, but like Cora said, she got drafted. Then, On Saturday, the parental guidance got into a big fight. Cora sought refuge in the Lair and stayed there the whole time. Her parents wouldn’t let her have Sasami over, plus, she didn’t want to put Sasami through something she didn’t even want to be apart of…

*sighs* Cora needs to see Sasami and Athena. She misses them…*can’t think of a good word to describe it* . But she rarely sees them anymore, and they’re the only ones she can put her trust in. Her other friends are great and she cares for them very much, but no one can replace the members of the Pack…She grew up with them and no one means more to her than them. But distance has once again made itself cancerous—by interfering with her contact with her friends. *cries*

Cora and Sasami used to spend the summer together. Cora spent the nights at Sasami’s, and Sasami came to Cora’s grandpa’s nearly every day. Sasami lived only a block away. Those were the good times. And then Sasami moved, not so far, but far enough that it wasn’t easy for her to just walk over. And Cora grew up. She didn’t need to stay at her grandparents. She stayed at home. Lonely and depressed. Cora hates being depressed. HYPERACTIVITY COME BACK!!

But Cora did have time to reflect. Growing into adolescence had done a number on her. So much of the hi-speed world had gone to her brain. So much homework and responsibilities and questions and disappointments and successes and good friends and not-so good friends and getting more than what she wanted of the “real world” and being introduced to impure ideas and things and neglecting her childhood imagination and creativity and forgetting her youth’s dreams and ignoring all the things she had once loved and the innocence of her childhood slipping away…Cora hated it. She wanted it all to just stop. Cora was sick of it. Sick of everything. Sick of life. But Cora refused to let the sadness overtake her. She had let no problem rule her life. She would figure her problems out. And this one was no different from the others. She wouldn’t stop till she had a solution to her problem. Cora was not a quitter. She yearned for the times of old. Of her times with her childhood friends. When her imagination ruled her life and where anything really was was possible. She was wanted them back. So she would get them back. She needed to get off her lazy tushie and do something. So she did. Cora reopened her mind from the prison of darkness. She began to bring her imagination back into her life. She started to collect her old stories and ideas and organize them. She drew some. She thought about her characters in her stories some. She worked on the Warriors of Sian. She did all of these things some, not much, but some. Cora had a revelation. Happiness began to come back a little. Just a little, but that was something.

So the happiness and innocence have touched Cora once again. She’s beginning open up again. It could be a short time before Cora is her self again, or it could take a very long time. But she’s willing to wait. She’s willing to fight. For her freedom and her friends. Cora will accomplish her dreams. Nothing can stop her…because in Cora’s world, anything is possible…

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Thursday, March 6th, 2003

Time:3:23 pm.
Mood: apathetic.
KONNICHIWA! ^_^ Cora hasn't posten in a looooooong time. Such procrastination. I'm a pro at that. Anywho, we didn't have school today thanks to that lovely snow! I've been doing pretty much nothing all day, 'cept I cleaned my room. *crowd gasps* Yes, it's true my friends...

I really need to clean that closet I call an office. Ooo, wonder when we'll get to that...Let's see it's 3:30 and I still need to do all these things:

~clean the office
~work on homework (dang the math!)
~train for soccer (this emplies running, something I really hate doing...
~finishing my poster

So as you can see I'm in squeeze! Must go do crap...toodles!
~Flaming Pretzel
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Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

Time:5:49 pm.
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Time:5:17 pm.
Times New RomanCheese.
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Subject:Will it work?!
Time:5:13 pm.
Times New RomanWaazzzaaabiii!
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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002

Time:4:43 pm.
Mood: distressed.
*sniff* *sniff* *collapses onto the floor crying* I'm not in a good mood! *cries some more*

Krystel, I need to see you!

Okay, this has been like bugging me forever. I.Miss.Krystel.I.Want.To.See.Krystel.

It's like we're drifting! I have seen her in how long? Like a month?! This is so wrong...She's my best friend!

Also, I had like this "thing" for lack of better term. *hehe* I just got to thinking one day, "What happens if Krystel dies or I lose her somehow?" Oh, gosh, it tore me up! I've never felt this scared about losing a friend before!

I mean, Krystel is my BEST FRIEND!! MY FIRST AND TRUE BEST FRIEND!! And I keep getting these little fiery darts that I'm losing her some way...THIS ISN'T RIGHT AND IT'S KILLING ME!! I'm mean it's just freakin' scary! People like Krystel and Emily are the reason I'm happy all the time! It's like I feel like I belong; that I have friends who care about me, and who I would like die for I'm so close to them.

Like, I can share anything with Krystel. ANYTHING. She's trustworthy, funny, smart, intellectual, creative, caring, patient(there's a big one, especially for me *hehe* you have no idea what the girl has to deal with)polite, has a wonderful talent for music, can memorize like no one I've ever known before. I mean, she's knows more stuff about artists and stuff than I ever could! She's real and honest about how she feels, and is so hilarious when she's mad! Especially when you try and get her up in the morning! She's artistic, she comes up with THE GREATEST ideas for stories and character design. I swear, that girl's going to become a storyboard person. Whenever I'm depressed or sick or upset or feel violated or WHATEVER, I just think of Krystel and it's like everything’s better again. I feel as if our friendship is so strong it’s like a stronghold or something you can retreat to when times are hard. There’s no one in the world like Krystel, at least not to me. But I haven’t seen her in so long that I feel like I’m losing her!

It’s like, “What if she doesn’t like me anymore? Or what if she’s found someone else as a close friend??!” That would kill me! Losing a boyfriend, some people think is the worst thing that can happen. But lemme tell ya, losing your best friend in the world is a million times worse. Like one time I was letting my mind drift and I asked myself, would I rather lose my boyfriend (assuming I had one) or Krystel? Easy answer: boyfriend. I mean seriously, you can always get another boyfriend, but best friends are hard to come by.

Krystel, I don’t want to lose you, but we haven’t talked in so long and we need to catch up on each other’s lives! I don’t want to lose you! Lord, I love you! No, I am not a lesbian, sorry. But the kind of love that friends share for each other like sisterly love! And I miss you!! Must see! You mean like soooo much to me! *starts crying again*

Okay. I’m done. Everyone mock me. I’m so glad I got that off my chest…*sniff*
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Saturday, November 23rd, 2002

Subject:~~~A smile is a light that shows the heart is at home~~~
Time:2:12 pm.
Mood: ditzy.

I really need to update this more than I do. Especially since I need to record a bunch of "stuff" happening in the life of Nebula. But being the procrastinator that I am, I tend to always find a way to push back updating and do something else. This seems to be a big problem, considering that there's a lot of things I can rant that I have to do. My life is so confusing...and that's just my realistic one. You have no idea about the world of my mind. Although, since the two are interwined together because of the same soul of yours truely, they often get mixed up together leaving everyone confused. Did that make any sense? Didn't think so. Moving on...

SIDE NOTE:Sasami, if I don't see you soon, I think I'm going to have a physcological breakdown.

Let's see, what's been happeing? Well, even with my attempts to, I never updated about the youth retreat that happened 2 weeks ago. But since that's part of the past and has no effect on the future I don't think I'll go into much detail about it. The only thing that I will say is that I was very ticked at the father dearest for putting me with a bunch of seniors! I'm in middle school for God's sake! But was sure it was a combo of both high school and middle school, and inevitably, it was just high school. Things like this always seem to happen to me. Thankfully, I nice girl named Amy took me in under her wing. I was like her sidekick for the whole weekend. Thankies Amy-chan!

Oh, but there were these 3 guys there who were absolutely hilarious. David, Jeremy, and E.J. They did the whole 5 minutes of the Mario Bros. little intro thing from memory. The music and everything! It was awesome. Dad was able to get them on tape. They even knew the toast song! Sasami, that's for you! If I'm not mistaken, Dad got on that on tape as well. I dunno, I'll have to check.


That Saturday night, we played hackie sack in the basement of the Armstrong building. I really sucked, but they were REALLY nice and let me play with them. Jeremy and E.J, you guys are da bomb! Soccer seems to be a big thing down there, so we changed the hackie sack to a soccer ball. Now that, I can do. But compared to them, even that I wasn't an expert at.

When we all got back to our dorms, pandemonium broke out. Because I was the youngest and didn't know anyone at all, half the time I didn't know what was happening because everyone was too rushed to tell me, but here's what I do know:

Okay, well apparently Friday night (Dad and I got there at about noon on Saturday) the boys had been throwing rocks at the girls dorms at 3:00 in the morning. So the next morning, the girls raided the boys dorms and stole some of their belongings. Meanwhile, while the girls were in the boys' dorms, the boys were in the girls' dorms. Accidentally, the girls took this guy, Caleb's bag. Caleb got ticked because he was one of the boys who threw the rocks and because I guess he had like a cell phone or something in the bag. But the girls didn't find this out until they had already put all the guys stuff in one of their cars, so the boys wouldn't be able to get it if the raided the girls' dorms again. So then, the guys blockaded this girl's car, peed on it, and threw the gas cap into the woods. I was inside the dorms while all this happened. You see, since girls were rushing in and out, they need someone to open and close the doors (after the incident on Friday night, everyone locked their doors). So I got stuck doing that, which I didn't mind since these weren't really people I knew that well. One of the girls got cramps during this time. It was 2 o'clock when I went to bed. Other things happened throughout the night, though. Like the guys baraded us into the room by stick a metal pole through the door handles. Then, some guy tried to pull it out and ended up breaking the glass. --; The girls found out that on Friday while the boys had been in their dorms that one of them had CRAPPED in under someone's bed! Well, Jessie, the youth pastor there, and his wife finally got word and busted everyone. The next morning my Dad (who was the guest youth speaker, that's why we went in the first place) talked about what he had heard. Jessie saying "why?!" and another youth leader saying "just let it go�" Later on, on the trip back home, I explained just what did exactly happen.

At the beginning of the time there, Dad had said since I had been such a good "sport" about being the only middle schooler there, that he'd get me this computer software, Paint Shop Pro 7, as an early Christmas present. On the way back, we also stopped at some mall and went to the arcade there. It was a huge arcade, it even had a virtual roller coaster. But what really caught our attention was Dance Dance Revolution machines there. There was this one guy who was da bomb on those things. I asked him how he got so good and he said one at home, so Dad's thinking about getting me one for Christmas. The only catch is I have to try out for my school's soccer team. --;

I like soccer, but if made the team, I would have to stay at school from 4 until 6 everyday until season get done. I have enough crap to do, and NOT enough time to do it in. *sighs* But I do really want that game�Okay, so maybe I'll have to suffer a little. My parents have never wanted me to have a video game because they claim I waste away enough of my life. *giggles* Okay, so that's probably true, but still, I really want one. The other thing is, my dad says he'd be addicted to it too. (he was like a game acholic when he was young) So I don't even have a Gameboy, can you believe that?! So I'm willing to give a little bit more of my time to get a PS2. Now my life can be even more screwed than it already is! Yay! I love my messed up life! Wheeeee!! *jumps off the roof into the pool* I AM A GOLDEN GOD!! Okay, you'd have to see "Almost Famous" to get that. Hee!

Okay, so that was then, this is now. Hey, that reminds me of a song. *breaks out singing; people throw sharp, pointy objects at her* Ah, my loyal fans�^_^ Anywho. The parental guidance's parental guidance came yesterday. Most people like it when they're grandparents come, but I can't really say I do. I mean, I spent my whole Friday afternoon cleaning! Something I despise�and my grandparents, at least on my dad's side, are aristocratic and all proper and everything. But they're also really interesting to listen to. They've been like everywhere and know all sorts of thing about the world and different topics and what not.

They came to my indoor soccer game, which I wasn't to thrilled about�I didn't think I played that well. I did alright, but it didn't cut up to my standards. Of course they thought I did great and I heard my grandpa really getting into it�heh heh�My grandparents aren't exactly�Christian�they tend to get a little carried away with their profanity which cracks me up, but okaasan gets really ticked when they curse in front of me�I think it's hilarious. Sperky and I decided to put eye-shadow war paint on to intimidate the other team. Too bad that once we started playing the sweat messed it all up.

Last night was the R. A. T. (Related Arts Teachers) Lock-in. It's where our R.A.T. teachers host this big event at school where you stay there all night and they lock you in. There's a dance, open gym, soccer games, 3 on 3 tournaments, Cherokee, movies, board games, food, door prizes, the whole 9 yards. At first I didn't think I would go, but then everyone wanted my to, so I decided I would. Of course then, I forgot to turn in my form on time so I couldn't go anyway! Sarah and Alexis were ticked. Oh, that reminds me�Alexis I still need to call you!


[PHILOSOPHY OF THE DAY]:You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old.

[CURRENT OBSESSION]:This paper clip I've been playing with all day�

[CURRENT ATTIRE]:Blue Carroll shirt while blue jeans, no footwear, hair in low half-bun


MUSIC]:No Scrubs

[MOOD]:VeRy hYPeR!!@*&%
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Saturday, November 16th, 2002

Subject:PAINT SHOP PRO 7 RULES!!! YEAH!! *cough...*
Time:11:18 am.

Amy is convinced that our school's meat is fake...

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Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

Time:5:10 pm.
Mood: chipper.

Excuse moi.

I'm getting high on Dr. Pepper now. ^^ I'm getting really ticked at myself for not updating this thing and for not modifying my journal. *shrugs* I'm a procrastinator by nature, ask any of my friends, so that's my excuse...

Yesterday, Milky and Kia picked me up for try-outs at the Civic Theatre. They asked me if I wanted to try out for the play, "The Best Christmas Pagent Ever" so I agreed. More so because I wanted to be with them, then I really wanted to be in it. We discovered that the practices were every weekday from 4 till 6! That's just nuts. That take's a like a 3rd of my entire day after school! Kia and Milky love to act and put on plays, so they really wanted to get lead parts. I really the director person chooses them. They're awesome actors! I think I did farely well, but it would mean so much more to them.

I've only known the two for a year or so, but we've become great friends. I do wish we could get closer though, so that I could take part in the plays that they create. Kia's working on a play for the book, "The Traveling Pants" or something generally close to that. ^^ I am terrible at titles and authors(that goes for books, songs, and art).

We saw Tyler there! My gosh, that boy does everything! I smiled and enthusiastically waved to him, but either he didn't see me, or was too embarressed to acknowledge me, because he abruptly turned away...hmm...


Sorry, needed to get that off my chest. I miss her...*sniff* I so wish I hadn't have moved. But then again, that would mean I would never know Sarah-chan, Kia, Milky, Moonlight...none of them...So I change that. I am somewhat glad I moved, but I wish I still went to that school, but with my new friends. Or maybe visa versa. I do like this school system. Did that make any sense? *shrugs*

In band, the girl next to me, Heather, challenged me on Monday. Tomorrow we battle for 5th chair; my chair. *growls and straightens into a dramatic stance*


Actually, she’ll probably end up beating me, because I never practice. I couldn’t care less about what chair I am in band. I never have cared, because I have never enjoyed playing the flute. There are many people out the who want and deserve my chair more than I do.

But I am 5th out of 15. I might just give her my chair. Probably not though. First of all, I never go down without a fight, even with things I dislike. Plus, mother dearest, bless her heart, will kill me if I did. She’s the one who forced me to take the flute, just because she took it when she was young. It’s like she wants me to be just like her. She controls just about every aspect of my life and it’s really ticking me off! It’s always been like this. *sighs* I wish I had as much freedom as Sasami. *shakes head* But I guess I’m lucky to know that she really does love me. Plus, I’ve got the most awesome dad in the world. ^^ He’s is totally cool. I suppose it’s because he was a youth pastor for 20 years, so he is great with adolescents.

Getting back to the flute thing, I need to go practice. Every month, we’re requiring to practice at least 4 hours on our instrument. *yay* It’s not that bad, I usually end up having to wake up 2 hours early the day they’re do to finish my hours. ^^; I haven’t practiced my music in forever. Heather is soooo going to whoop my ass tomorrow.

I’m reading an awesome book right now!!! It’s so good. “The Grey King” the 5th book of “The Dark Is Rising” sequence. It’s short, but good. Plus, since it’s A.R. and I’m required to read one, I can hurry up and finish it, then finish reading the last book in the Cahira O’Connor series; “The Emerald Isle.” Today, I got halfway through it, shows you how short it is, huh? Bran, I love you! My favorite albino! That excludes Dilandau Albatou, of course. *evil, sadistic grin*

Must be going! Toodles!

Flaming Pretzel
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